In a world where a circular economy and resource efficiency is on everyone’s agenda, Pinpoint doesn’t just contribute. We lead. Our unique platform minimizes resources and maximises use of residual products, making sure to digitalise and streamline at every opportunity. Before, you had to choose between profitability or the environment. Now there’s Pinpointer.

Why do we think and act this way? Why have we created a platform based on common sense? It’s down to our farming background. Our roots are in MEWAB, the agricultural, landfill and waste management company with almost 40 years’ experience. As one of the leading players in Sweden, we’ve helped clients to plan, excavate and handle the residual products associated with construction.


The way we see it, we have two responsibilities – one towards our clients, the other towards our environment. It’s a simple philosophy. One that leads us to continuously hunt out new, more efficient ways to solve our customers’ needs.


Pinpointer is just one of those new ways. And by being faithful to our principle of always using BAT (Best Available Technology) Pinpointer doesn’t only drive better profitability. It paves the way for a more sustainable future.

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