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Det här är våra fantastiska säljare. De har en lång erfarenhet inom branschen och delar Pinpointers intresse av att göra det enklare och smidigare för dig som vill bli av med, transportera eller ta emot schaktmassor, avfall eller jordmassor. Tveka inte att höra av dig till någon av dem om du vill veta mer om Pinpointer, få hjälp med att komma igång eller om du har en fråga om hantering av schaktmassor. 

Vill du hålla dig uppdaterad om vad som händer på Pinpointer, nyheter om tjänsten och branschen och om våra projekt? I så fall ska du signa upp dig för att få vårt nyhetsbrev. 

Registrera dig för vårt nyhetsbrev. 

Vad trevligt att du vill göra dig bekant med oss!

Clas Lindström


Clas Lindström har varit med ända från starten av Pinpointer. Han har en gedigen bakgrund inom säljområdet där han haft  olika säljroller inom ett flertal  branscher. 

Martin Ringborg

KAM Anläggning

Martin Ringborg har varit aktiv i bolaget nästan sedan start. Han har en mångårig erfarenhet från branschen och har bland annat både varit affärsområdeschef inom deponi samt säljare på Mewab. 

Joacim Nygren

 KAM Anläggning

Joacim Nygren har varit med sedan Pinpointer startade. Han har tidigare bland annat arbetat som Account Manager på Mewab samt som tekniker på Etcon El & Styrentreprenader AB. 

Hugo Ekici

 KAM Entreprenad

Hugo Ekici har flerårig erfarenhet från byggbranschen och kommer senast från Ahlsell där han har arbetade som säljare mot byggföretag i Stockholmsregionen. Han kommer att vara baserad i Stockholm.

Lena Saikoff

 KAM Entreprenad

Lena Saikoff har en gedigen erfarenhet inom miljö- och hållbarhet. Hon kommer närmast från rollen som försäljningschef på N3Zones Group och har tidigare arbetat med sälj och marknadsföring på EWGroup samt som vd på Nya Miljöbolaget AB. Lena Är baserad i Karlstad. 

Walter Olson

 KAM Entreprenad

Walter Olsson har mångårig erfarenhet från bland annat transport- och åkeribranschen och kommer senast från en tjänst som säljchef på MaserFrakt. Han är baserad i Borlänge samt ansvarig för att bygga upp ett kontor för en starkare representation av Pinpointer i mellersta Sverige.


I've been told "birthing classes" were boring & a waste of time. Why should I book MAMABirth?

In our experience as midwives in a variety of settings, we have seen time and time again that knowledge = power, especially for first time parents. It makes sense to prepare for something as life-changing as having a baby! We research buying a car, the reviews before seeing a new movie, and which pram to buy ... but often don't put the same thought and preparation into what we want out of our birth/beyond journeys (there's more to it than just a healthy mother/healthy baby!). Instead we sometimes "leave it to the experts", and in doing so we risk leaving life-changingly important decisions to someone who often is a stranger with different wishes, philosophies and priorites to us. It's important to remember that you will only have one first birth and it's too late afterwards to say "I wish I'd have known that earlier..." While MAMABirth can't possibly cover every scenario, we give you a good understanding of what is normal, how to keep it normal, as well as strategies and tools for navigating deviations from the norm and making informed decisions. We keep it interactive & engaging and content is always tweaked to the interests and needs of our individual participants. Participants consistently tell us they feel "so much better" after coming to our classes, especially those who are "scared of knowing too much".

I am already booked in for a planned caesarean birth.  Is MAMABirth suitable for me?

You are very welcome to attend MAMABirth classes! However as most of the MAMABirth course focuses on preparing for and navigating normal labour & birth, some mums who are planning a caesarean birth can find it irrelevant or even upsetting depending on their situation. It's a completely individual decision! We are going to offer a "4th Trimester" Class very soon, which will be perfect for those who don't need the labour/birth content - please get in touch to express your interest & find out more.

Can I book into only one session?

The MAMABirth course is offered as a complete package of all 4 classes. The course is structured to flow and build on knowledge & concepts progressively so missing a class may result in confusion or an incomplete "picture". If you're only looking to cover the postnatal/breastfeeding/newborn component, we are hoping to offer a "4th Trimester" Class soon, please get in touch with us to express your interest!

How do I book? / What next?

Bookings can be online here at our website or by calling the MAMA admin team on 03 9376 7474 during business hours. Bookings are only confirmed on payment of $150 (non-refundable) deposit or full amount. Please read our detailed booking terms conditions including refund policy, prior to making a booking. Once payment of the deposit is received, the MAMABirth team will email you a booking pack including dates/times/venues, what to bring, and the necessary paperwork.

What is included in the price?

All classes include:​ - exclusive resource booklet (yours to keep) - ongoing support from the MAMABirth team after the completion of the course - access to digital resources PLUS - $50 MAMA allied health service voucher (redeemable for select allied health services at MAMA) - Photography discount voucher

Is onsite parking available?

The MAMA Centre in Kensington has limited onsite off-street parking & ample street parking

What should I bring along to the classes?

You will receive a confirmation booking pack that outlines what to bring. Essentially: - pen - comfortable, loose clothing - bean bags/cushions/gym balls - we want you to be comfortable! - water bottle - snacks and meals for the breaks - completed paperwork

Can I claim private health insurance rebates?

The world of private health rebates is tricky to navigate - with each fund managing things a little differently and issuing their own provider numbers and set of requirements for claiming. Depending on your health fund and level of cover, you may be able to claim rebates for childbirth education classes. Please note, some private health funds including Bupa, Medibank & HCF do NOT offer rebates. We have had a few clients encounter conflicting information from their health fund depending on who they speak to so please ensure you check any information carefully. We recommend you contact your health fund and receive written confirmation that childbirth education classes are covered along with any specific requirements they have are for claiming (e.g. can only be taught by a midwife in private practice, or in an obstetrician's clinic etc.), and let us know if there are any requirements on our part (e.g. obtaining a provider number). Currently, we have provider numbers for Defence Health, Australian Unity, GU Health & AHM. Get in touch with us for more information.

Do you offer private classes?

No, unfortunately we don't have the availability to offer private/one-on-one classes on top of our midwifery work and running the group classes.

When is the best time in my pregnancy to come along to a class?

We find attending around 24-34 weeks is the optimal time but it's completely up to the individual. Sometimes it's a great idea to attend earlier in your pregnancy as it gives you time to research your options further and make any changes you decide are necessary - but the first trimester is a little too early. Attending at 35-36 weeks and beyond is also challenging as you may be quite physically uncomfortable with sitting down for most of the day, you don't have much time to persue different options after the course, and there is also the chance your baby could arrive before you complete the course. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss further!

Are you offering in-person classes?

Yes we are! In-person classes are being offered at MAMA Kensington with both evening & weekend sessions available. Spots are limited to 8 couples to comply with social distancing requirements so will book up quickly. Should restrictions change that do no permit in-person classes, the class reverts to online via Zoom so that nobody misses out! Please see our COVID-19 policy for more.

Are you offering online classes?

Yes! We are offering online-only series via Zoom, which attract a 10% discount. We want to make MAMABirth Classes accessible for those who can't make the in-person classes due to time or distance. If no suitable dates are available, please get in touch to express your interest & we can look at adding extra series!

What is MAMABirth's COVID-19 policy?

MAMABirth classes comply with all public health directives relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we acknowledge that restrictions may change at short notice. We intend to run classes face-to-face if restrictions permit. However, if restrictions change and face-to-face classes are not permitted, we will still run the class online via Zoom and participants will receive their resource packs in the mail (if applicable). Refunds do not apply should face-to-face classes need to be held via Zoom due to public health directives. If on the day of their face-to-face classes, participants are unwell, have any symptoms of COVID-19, have visited listed exposure sites, had contact with confirmed cases, are awaiting a swab result, or have otherwise been directed to self-isolate by health authorities, they cannot attend classes in-person, and will be provided with a Zoom link to still participate in the class from home. Full or partial refunds do not apply in this instance.

What if I'm unwell on the day of my classes?

Email us hayley@midwivesandmothers.com.au or call MAMA reception 9376 7474 ASAP & we will send you a Zoom link.
If on the day of their face-to-face classes, participants are unwell, have any symptoms of COVID-19, have visited listed exposure sites, had contact with confirmed cases, are awaiting a swab result, or have otherwise been directed to self-isolate by health authorities, they cannot attend classes in-person, and will be provided with a Zoom link to still participate in the class from home. Full or partial refunds do not apply in this instance.

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